Last weekend I pet-sat! Me and my brother pet-sat all weekend.  We were pet-siting a puppy named Cookie. 🙂 She is an Aussie Doodle, and just is 12 weeks old.  She was so playful and energetic, but that didn’t come in handy when we were trying to get her to sleep… She loves to play outside and eat dog treats!  She was hard to take care of, but she was to cute to get upset with, 🙂 During the night she would wake up every 1 or 2 hours to make sure that we knew she needed to goto the bathroom, so that was fun.  One thing that she learned how to do at my house, Is to escape her crate.  She would jump so high that she could get over, then she would start running. No looking back.   My favorite part of Pet-Sitting her, was that she never, EVER got bored, and she was always doing something!