Lady or Tiger? || 🐅

Ending ♡ By: Summer ♡


The youth stood feeling the longing eyes of the kingdom. His hands trembled and he started to wonder the princess’s intentions for him. Does she with death upon him, or does she wish life for him, but life with another?

 He started to sweat from the thought, he turned back to the princess, looking for a slight smile or sign of good, but as he turned back, out of the corner of his eye he thought he saw her look down and smirk. He started to question himself. The shouts and screams of the crowd were only getting louder and the youth needed to make a decision. This would only ever work if he trusted the princess.

 He trusted the princess…right? The crowd started to throw various objects at him, trying to push him to make the decision. The youth started to drag himself to the right door. Both hands clasped the squeaking door knob and the youth very slowly and shakily turned the knob, there was no turning back now. The crowd fell silent. Everyone sighed and got up and left. The crowd couldn’t help feeling guilty for the knights who would have to clean up the body.

 The princess immediately got up after the door. Her father, the king, tried to grab her arm and started to mumble out a halfhearted apology about her lover dying. She ran away as quickly as possible heading in the direction of the forest. She knew that the cleanup process could take hours and her father would have to stay around to order the knights. The princess’s plan was finally working, she would finally get to run away, and she didn’t care who had to suffer for her plan to work.

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Stocks Reflection!

This year My class got to try out stocks!

I ended up losing $20,751

I have never ever tried stocks before, and I’m really happy I tried. It obviously didn’t go that well, I lost more than I even put in! It was really fun for me to try out. If I ever try stocks again then I know what mistakes I made, and what to do, and not to do next time! I also thought this was really interesting because we got to do it because a character in the book we were reading was really interested in stocks, so we got to try a hobby of a book character!

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Ted Talk Review! 💬 || ♡

Hello! Today I wanted to talk about the recent project my class has been individually working in. We started our TED Talks! By “TED Talks” I mean just oral presentations to the class about whatever we are passionate/wanting to teach the class about. I chose to teach the class about “Expressing Emotions” I chose this topic of discussion because everyone has emotions, it’s just up to you to be able to use them in healthy ways. I have never liked public speaking and it has always been hard for me, so when this project was announced I was really worried and I feared having to do my presentation. After I figured out a topic that would be fun to teach, it was a whole lot smoother. When I got up to do my talk I was really worried, but then I remember that the people that I am presenting to are all people who I know and aren’t embarrassed or scared to be around. Also I went last so I had already seen everyone do theirs, that had all been brave to go, and now it was my turn. I ended up having a really great time while I was presenting and I hope other people liked it too!

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Our Tree Books!🌲 || ♡


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On March 15th me, and the entire 6th grade got to start working with Peg Gignoux!  Peg is a local artist, and she helped us create all of our tree books!  I am so happy that we got to work with her because I got to try lots of different art techniques, and I even got to be in an art gallery!

We first started out by screen printing, we got our hands on some poems about trees, and we screen printed them onto different paper.  I had the best time doing this and it was really satisfying for me! After that we got to the actual folding part of our books, this was a bit harder, but it pretty much created the entire foundation of the book! Akua ink was by far my favorite part of the process, we gathered greenery and flowers from school or our houses, and then we were able to get them on paper with lots of pretty colors!! Then we started collaging, this was fun because I got to take lots of the images from the dictionary and put them on my tree book, I have spiders, trees, dogs, farm animals, and birds all over my book from collaging! Before anything else, we added some pockets for our writing pieces! After we had done this our books all looked really pretty, and we started the writing part. I wrote my ‘Salute to my Roots’ writing next, I wrote about my former nanny, Hillary. I had a great time writing this because I knew that I would be able to use memories in my writing. After that we started by reading a poem called “When this is Over” I loved having an example and I wrote my own poem about what I would do when the pandemic is over!! Then we wrote our wishes, I have a lot and I wrote them all down, and tucked them away in the pockets of my tree book. Last, but not least, we have started reading the book “Wishtree” by Katherina Applegate, by the time I’ve posted it, we will have probably finished it!  I already love the book, and I am so excited to read more.

At the gallery I shared my Tree Book with my former nanny, my mom, my dad, and my brother; they all loved it! In conclusion, I had an amazing experience with this Tree Book!

Frances Dowell Blog Post!


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Hello! Today I wanted to talk about My Frances Dowell story that I have had the chance to work on for a while now!

Some things I learned from Frances are how to make a successful background check! I had never done one before, and I didn’t realize how helpful it was to have when you are tryng to teach your reader about the characters in your story! Another thing I learned from Frances is how incredibly important detail is.  I have worked really hard to include detail in my story so that it comes to life and really makes the reader understand the story I am trying to tell.  It feels so crazy that I got to learn these amazing elements of a story from a real successful author!!

Getting feedback from Frances was beyond helpful because I got to figure out what needed to be changed or just what my story could add to make it overall a better story.  A big thing I learned from hearing my peers stories and then hearing Frances talk about it is how detail will effect your story.  For example, a lack of detail will make your story hard to connect with or understand, but on the other hand having detail will let your reader understand the characters, settings, and problems a lot better!  The feedback that I gathered from Frances is detail, (like I said) and creating a more thorough background check for my main characters.

I am very proud of my story. I didn’t think I could actually write something that interests someone else.  I forget sometimes how much I like writing and how happy it makes me, so thank you so much Frances! I want to continue to write stories in all different genres and I want to  be able to be good at not just creative writing, but writing for schoolwork.  Thank you so much Frances!!  I’m so lucky I got to meet you and get help from you for a story of my own!

Window or Mirror?

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Today I am going to be talking about a book I have recentley read called “Girls with Sharp Sticks” By Suzanne Young.  This book is about a group of girls going to boarding school.  The teachers and staff sheild the girls from the world and try to keep them from truly learning about the world they live on.  But soon the main character starts to interact with someone from the outside world, everything begins to get more dangerous from there. As the girls get older they begin to realize something is very, very wrong with the boarding school and they continue to uncover many more secrets.

The book was definetley a window into another world for me because I have never expeirienced such a strict boarding school, or one at all!  I also am not a teenager nor an adult, which all of the characters are. This was a very interesting book for me because it highlited some issued we have in the real world, I could relate to those because I have seen them in my actual life.  Though this book is fiction, many problems we deal with today are similair to some of the more subtle problems in the book.

After really reviewing this book thoroughly I think I can say that this was both a window, and a mirror for me.  The book in general is a complete window, but the more I think and learn about this book the more I can realte some of the dilemmas in the book, to some in real life.

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Habit For Febuary!


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In February, I am going to keep my habit the same and try more meditation! I am going to try to keep more consistency in February and make sure it really becomes a full on habit, something I know I have to do every day!  I really enjoy meditating and I might start doing it for longer periods of time.  I can’t wait to do more!


In January, I was doing meditation every day, usually for very short periods of time, but it still helped me find a sense of calm for the day.   I will try to continue doing doing what I did in January with some improvements!


Some  things I want to improve with my habit in February is making  it a true habit, and always having a certain time and a designated space to meditate.  Having that will definitely help me improve and know that I should be meditating every single day!

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What kind of Punctuation am I?

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Today I wanted to share what punctuation mark I personally believe I am…

I think I am like the exclamation mark!  I often use it in conversation, and text, It is all over my Frances Dowell story too!  I love to bring more fun to the conversation, and using the exclamation mark shows people that you are happy and excited, We could all use some joy and excitement!  I wouldn’t say I’m loud…But I am very talkative when I’m with people I am comfortable with. In my mind the exclamation mark signifies playfulness, fun, and kindness.  These are all traits that I have, and are working on having!  One time my friend was having a bad day, So I tried my best to make her happier again, I made my voice kinder, I asked about how she was feeling, I complimented her, and I did anything else I could do that would make her just a little bit happier!  In the end, that’s what will make someone feel better, just by being there and trying your best to be kind.  That is what a true exclamation mark means to me.  Using the exclamation mark can make someone’s day or just add a little bit more fun to their day, because it’s the little things that you will cherish and remember! 


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Daily Habits! (Planking & Meditation)

This is a picture of my daily habit tracker! When I am done with my daily habit, I fill in a day!



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Today I am going to  be talking about daily habits, and how they have effected me!

First, let’s talk about the daily habit of planking.  As you may know, planking is an exercise where you stay in the same position you would be in for a push up, but you stay still and see how long you can stay.  My class took on the challenge of making this our class daily habit! Every two school days we would add 10 seconds to our planking routine, every single day of we were planking! This feels like a big accomplishment because even the littlest things can really add change. When where about to end this daily habits we decided to see how long we could stay in plank, I was very proud of my final result!!


Now that our planking habit is complete, we have each added a new daily habit!  Every habit is different and relates to something that student would like to work on.  For my new daily habit, I decided to start meditating with my Mom every day for 5 minutes! I wanted to work on finding time for myself to be calm, even if its just 5 minutes.


That’s the great thing as about these habits, even if its just a couple of minutes of something daily, you will always see the end result with how you feel, how your body feels, or maybe even how you act.  Its a great thing to improve!