Daily Habits! (Planking & Meditation)

This is a picture of my daily habit tracker! When I am done with my daily habit, I fill in a day!



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Today I am going to  be talking about daily habits, and how they have effected me!

First, let’s talk about the daily habit of planking.  As you may know, planking is an exercise where you stay in the same position you would be in for a push up, but you stay still and see how long you can stay.  My class took on the challenge of making this our class daily habit! Every two school days we would add 10 seconds to our planking routine, every single day of we were planking! This feels like a big accomplishment because even the littlest things can really add change. When where about to end this daily habits we decided to see how long we could stay in plank, I was very proud of my final result!!


Now that our planking habit is complete, we have each added a new daily habit!  Every habit is different and relates to something that student would like to work on.  For my new daily habit, I decided to start meditating with my Mom every day for 5 minutes! I wanted to work on finding time for myself to be calm, even if its just 5 minutes.


That’s the great thing as about these habits, even if its just a couple of minutes of something daily, you will always see the end result with how you feel, how your body feels, or maybe even how you act.  Its a great thing to improve!

My Wisdom Tale Comic!


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Today I’m going to be talking about my wisdom take comic!! As a school project, we took a Wisdom tale, meaning a tale that teaches a lesson and included a moral, and we turned it into a visual! I used the app called Sketch Book and I had a great time using it and creating the art on it!


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Today I’m going to be talking about Hanukkah!  I got a lot of inspiration from Harper’s Blog, where she talked about Chakras. 


 This made me really excited to talk about Hanukkah!

If you didn’t know, Hanukkah is a Jewish tradition, meaning that this Holiday is from the Jewish tradition.  First things first, let’s talk about how Hannukah came to be.


The story of Hanukkah:


The story is quite long and complicated, so I’m just going to share the parts that make sense as to why the traditions are the way they are now.  

A group of people needed light,  The only thing they found around them was a small jar of oil.  The jar contained only enough only for a single day.  But they soon realized this wasn’t true,  The tiny little jar of oil lasted 8 whole days!! It was a miracle! That is why now, we celebrate Hanukkah for 8 days, to celebrate the 8 days that the jar of oil lasted.


Each day of Hanukkah:

(This is what a Menorah would look like on the last day of Hanukkah!)


There are 8 days of Hanukkah, as you know! But many people who celebrate get a gift each day!  We are currently on the 4th day of Hanukkah!

 (But you might not read this until later!)


Hanukkah Food:


There are many iconic foods and customs people have during Hanukkah!  One of the most important things during this holiday is the food! Some foods many people eat during Hanukkah are…


Fried latkes, A fried latke, or potato pancake!  They are made with potatoes and then fried.


Hanukkah Gelt, These are basically chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil.  You earn these by playing the dreidel, which I will talk about in just a minute! 


Brisket is not only found during Hanukkah, but is also used during Rosh Hashanah, Passover, and Shabbat, these are all other Jewish holidays that are celebrated throughout the year.  Brisket can take as long as 9 HOURS to cook!! 


Sufganiyah, or Sufganiyot for plural, Is a deep-fried circular doughnut type thing.  Inside they are filled with strawberry jam, and on top you will find powdered sugar!



(A dreidel and Gelt)

The dreidel is a game that is commonly played during Hanukkah!  All you need to play the game is a Dreidel, some friends, and (Optional) Gelt! Or chocolate coins!


The Hanukkah Prayer:


For each night Hanukkah is celebrated you will light the middle candle, add a new candle, and all of the candles you have done before will also be put on.  As you are lighting the candles you say a prayer!  I am not fluent in Hebrew, (the Jewish language) Which is the language that the prayer is said in, So usually my grandma says it, because she knows how.  Here is the Hanukkah prayer:


        (The prayer In Hebrew)


Baruch atah Adonai Eloheinu Melech ha-olam, asher kid’shanu b-mitzvotav, v-tzivanu l’hadlik ner shel Hanukkah.


        (The prayer in English)


Blessed are you, Our God, Ruler of the Universe, who makes us holy through Your commandments, and commands us to light the Hanukkah lights.


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6th Grade Accomplishments!




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Today I’m going to be talking about what I feel I have accomplished in 6th grade, 

(so far!) 

  1. I’m really proud of how I’ve been able to get to all of my classes on time! It sounds like a fairly simple thing to do, but I’ve never had to go to different classes, so this is completely new for me!  


  1. I’ve really surprised myself with how prepared I am for class with all of my supplies!  It’s crazy how much stuff you have to bring on a daily basis to school! I’m pretty happy with my routine for getting all of my things together in the morning before school too! 

~before I go to bed I charge my iPad for the next day (actually I do this every day! Not just in-person days!)

~In the morning I get my backpack from upstairs and all of my notebooks and journals.

~I put my lunch and an extra jacket in my bag, now that it’s getting cold.

~Make sure I have an extra charger, my keyboard, and my stylus

~I zip up my bag, and leave for school!


  1. This is another accomplishment that doesn’t seem huge, but it’s important to me because I have never had to do this before!  My accomplishment is that I feel like I do really well with all of the COVID-19 protocols, though they are mandatory and are done every day. It is truly hard to work with them and do the things you need and want to do while being safe.  I think I’ve done really well with social distancing, mask wearing, cleaning my desk for every class, and washing my hands and using hand sanitizer every time I walk into a room!   I’m proud of this accomplishment because I have made these rules habits for myself, and I remind others as much as I can too.
  2. The last accomplishment I want to share is that I have created a dedicated space or online school! It’s really important for me to have a routine, so having this was a really important accomplishment.  Every remote day I go to my desk, sit down, and check my google classroom so I know what I need to get done that day!! 


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|| Ꮐ ɾ ᥲ t เ t ᥙ d ꫀ ||

I just liked the picture


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Today I’m going to talk about gratitude!

grat·i·tude | pronounced: ɡradəˌt(y)o͞od

Definition:   the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Gratitude is being grateful, knowing you are blessed and lucky to be where you are.   Having gratitude and being thankful makes you feel better and makes the people around you feel better.  At least that’s what happened to me when I use gratitude.

Things I am thankful for | Gratitude statements

I’m grateful that I live here! I wouldn’t have met the awesome people I know now if I didn’t live here, so I’m thankful for that.  I’m thankful for everyone in my life because they made me who I am.

So yeah 🌻 thanks so much for visiting!!



What I’m Reading!

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to talk about a book that I’ve been reading!

Book: Your Welcome Universe

Author: Whitney Gardner

I’m currently reading “Your Welcome Universe”.  I’m reading this from Sora, then I realized Ms. Donneley already has a copy!! This book makes me so happy, and I’ve really connected with it.  I just started reading the book, but I already know I’m going to like it.  I don’t have a complete summary yet, but I’m going to think about making one when I’m done!  I love the main character because she always has her friends back, she puts there happiness in front of hers.  I’m so excited to continue reading this book!!


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What I Notice…

I always have noticed how people say things.  If the have an accent, if they emphasize the words, if they sound angry, hurt, sad, happy, embarrassed, or jealous.  I’ve noticed people often don’t say how that actually  feel, so I take it upon myself to find out. When people sound different, I notice.  When people say things in a rude way, I notice. When people have an interesting accent, I notice.  Your voice makes you different from everyone else, its one of the main things you can control, I think it would be crazy if I don’t notice such an important thing!


Last weekend I pet-sat! Me and my brother pet-sat all weekend.  We were pet-siting a puppy named Cookie. 🙂 She is an Aussie Doodle, and just is 12 weeks old.  She was so playful and energetic, but that didn’t come in handy when we were trying to get her to sleep… She loves to play outside and eat dog treats!  She was hard to take care of, but she was to cute to get upset with, 🙂 During the night she would wake up every 1 or 2 hours to make sure that we knew she needed to goto the bathroom, so that was fun.  One thing that she learned how to do at my house, Is to escape her crate.  She would jump so high that she could get over, then she would start running. No looking back.   My favorite part of Pet-Sitting her, was that she never, EVER got bored, and she was always doing something!